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Berita UD Trucks
06 September 2007 - Press Conference Launching New Truck
PT Astra Nissan Diesel Indonesia is an subsidiary company from PT Astra International Tbk, with shareholders from PT Astra International Tbk, Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Ltd. Japan and Marubeni Corporation Japan.

PT ANDI is an ATPM (Sole Agent of Distributors) of Nissan Diesel and in Export Import, Assembly Business for truck under the brand of Nissan Diesel Category III with the Gross Vehicle Weight about 10 ? 24 Ton and Category V with Gross Vehicle Weight above 24 Ton.

For marketing and distribution of this Nissan Diesel product is perform by PT Astra International, Nissan Diesel Sales Operation. For the annual sales of year 2006, Nissan Diesel wholesales achieved an increase of market share about 22% from the total of truck and bus market share in Indonesia.

Along with government regulation for gas emission for vehicles, Nissan Diesel already prepare with the line up product to comply the Euro-2 standards gas emission in Indonesia market. Beside comply with government regulation, its already become corporate commitment for our Mother Company PT ASTRA INTERNATIONAL Tbk, that already planning that all ASTRA company as GREEN COMPANY and always ahead in environment in Indonesia.

Since the year of 2005 has begun to make preparation for Product Development for newly incoming of Nissan Diesel Truck, and starts to make a selection for suitable specification for Customer requirement in Indonesia and meet the needs from our customer for the future trucks and bus spesification.
After acquiring many inputs from all stake holders, the product development has been started that finally on May 2006, from Astra Nissan Diesel Indonesia together with Transportation Ministry perform gas emission test in Japan, and from the results of this test is comply with EURO 2 Emission standards and granted certification from Indonesia Government.

Production of the new type is starting by the Engineering Trial period, contiuned with Field Testing at the last year of 2006 with a satisfied results. This day will be held a launch for the new product to Automotive Market in Indonesia, with full confidence this new line up of Nissan Diesel Trucs is able to replace the previous line up and heads up in the commercial trucks vehicle market, and make an increase in Nissan Diesel market share.

Many of our superior side that we?re offering to our customer trucks user is :
1. Fuel efficiency and more horse power that the previous generation.

2. The engine with new technology of 24 Valve EFI have more perfect fuel internal combustion and the gas emission qualified the Euro2 standards, eco friendly.

3. More tough chassis and wider frames, standards of WEB 300 mm, capable of heavy duty field operation with full loaded capacity.

4. The complete line up of model, the first stage is launched with 18 Model line up where customer able to choos the variety of chassis length and suitable loading capacity for operation, the kind of field of operation for a better efficient and optimal results. With availability of long chassis, and the longest chassis in its class, equals with the chassis that operationed in foreign countries, this product is most suitable in Indonesian transportation business.

5. Easy for maintenance since several parts are accessible directly, the cabin can be lifted, the front panel that able to remove and the main parts is the modern engine design that have been carefully designed and calculated provide an easier way to maintain better than the konvensional version.

6. Luxuruious cabin, spacious and comfortable for driver, with Cabin Suspension, Radio Tape, Seat Suspension and blower fan for more productivity at driver side and an increase in safety factor.

7. The new standards in tyre size from 9.00 becoming 1.000, for anticipating heavy duty field operation with full loaded capacity.

All this superiority side we developed based on the survey results that we conducted in Indonesia, therefore we?re certain that our chosen trucks will be the most suitable choice for business.

Market condition in commercial trucks segments we predicted will have an increase from 6300 unit in year of 2006 into 7000 unit in the year of 2007, and we?re very much sure with this new product.

Jakarta , 6 Maret 2006
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